Sunday, April 29, 2007

the first: skim the surface

I have been thinking about what my first post here should cover...and really haven't reached any solid conclusions. So I am simply going to vent about a few things that have been on my mind.

First and foremost, when I read about the apple iPhone and what people are saying...yes Apple introduced it with much fanfare...but then its not going to be released until a little less than six months after the announcement? My theory is that Apple did this in order to gauge public response to the product and then tweek the design if necessary (for instance, including a simple, physical sliding keyboard). Whether or not they include it with gen 1, it will come in subsequent versions, or, more likely, a different version (iPhone Executive...iPhone Type...iPhone Key...whatever). The other big gripe is the lack of 3g...ummm, so it doesn't have 3g right quick do you think Apple can release something with 3g once the network exists to at all beneficial. Oh, wait, the lack of a removable battery...can't defend Apple on this one, but again...they have time to change their mind.

The DRM issue is exciting...I think it is appropriate that Apple is leading the fight in this battle...whether or not they supported DRM in the past is irrelevant. I believe this is the direction Jobs and Co. wanted to go in initially, but they had to wait until they had the clout to make it happen.

So, ultimately, that is what this will be love affair with Apple and, subsequently, other gadgets...with a little attitude, politics and sex thrown in for good measure. Just not today...I am worn out from watching about half of the democratic debate on youtube...good grief, it was as if Obama hadn't spoken in front of a live audience before. Kucinich is awesome...I do not care what the folks at Common Dreams say, Gravel is nuts...crazy...lunatic.

good day and be safe


What if I prefer to be reckless?

well my dear, that would not surprise me in the least...